Winners of the 2018 BGA Fleming Award and the 2019 Ground Engineering Editor’s Award for Claridge’s Hotel Basement, with Arup and McGee.

  • 61no hand dug caissons up to 30m deep with 4.6m diameter bells
  • 5 levels of basement underneath Claridge’s Hotel
  • Excavation through one 7m square room to carry out these works
  • The hotel was operational at all times, 3 years in the making
  • Technology not to be seen before in the UK.
  • Working with Jim Mackey who was full time on site.


Left-to-right: Michelle Mackey (McGee), Andy Pye (Arup), Adam Pellew (RKD), Jim Mackey (McGee), Dinesh Patel (Arup), Sarah Glover (Arup), Alice Blair (Arup)